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Code Savvy is a Minnesota non-profit organization helping kids and educators become more “code savvy” through creative educational programs and services. We incubate and support community-based programs that bring technology and know-how to local youth and educators, all the while championing gender and ethnic diversity. Code Savvy is dedicated to ensuring the next generation of computer science professionals is representative of the billions of users of tomorrow’s innovative technologies.

Code Savvy is a central resource for local advocates and champions for the advancement of youth computer science. Through its connections and vision, it activates programs and services that give real-world coding experience to kids who represent backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in computer science.

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Our Mission

We Interrupt and counteract existing gender, racial, and economic gaps in computing by equipping youth and educators with the knowledge, skills, and support to create with technology.

Our Vision

Inspire equitable computer science learning to transform the future for good.

Why We Do It

Code Savvy believes the next generation of computer science professionals are already in our communities, and need hands-on experiences and a little inspiration to gain the code-savvy necessary to achieve greatness. By creating accessible programs and services in local neighborhoods and schools, our future tech champions will be able to take the next steps towards a fruitful career in the world’s fastest growing industry.

Code Savvy believes that by focusing its efforts on expanding ethnic and gender equality, we can make a multi-billion dollar industry truly transformative.

Our Core Values

  • Inclusivity

    We maintain a focus on inclusive practices that interrupt and counteract gender, racial and economic bias and create a welcoming environment for all learners.

  • Diversity

    We believe in the importance of students and educators coming together with a variety of backgrounds, because tomorrow’s tech professionals need to be reflective of all our communities.

  • Community

    We nurture networks of learners to create a supportive community for change.

  • Empowerment

    We believe the next generation of computer science professionals are already in all of our communities. When provided with the resources and mentorship unavailable in a traditional school setting, they’ll be empowered to transform the world.

  • Curiosity

    We encourage students and educators alike to pursue the answers to “Why?” “How?” and “What if…?” Sometimes the smallest questions can lead to big ideas.

  • Creativity

    We believe there is more than one way to approach a problem, and that the most impactful ideas are the ones that stand apart from the crowd.


Code Savvy was founded by Rebecca Schatz, a serial entrepreneur in the not-for-profit space. In addition to Code Savvy, she founded The Works hands-on museum of engineering, and was the catalyst behind Technovation[MN]. She passed away in 2015.

Rebecca touched so many people during her vibrant, innovative, and inspiring life. She left a sustainable and lasting legacy to encourage kids and teens to explore their curiosity, learn coding and creative problem solving, and for the volunteers, family members, and mentors who make it happen.

Rebecca built systems and organizations, and more importantly, she engaged others to participate in the process. She knew that change is the work of many and she inspired everyone to stretch, grow and develop themselves. Her outreach was inherently about inclusion – helping kids see new models and pathways to pursue their own passion, dreams and careers in new and accessible ways. Rebecca brought passion and a focused commitment to inspire our youth to explore and discover engineering, science and coding in hands-on environments.

In early July 2015, Code Savvy appointed Jean Weiss the Executive Director of Code Savvy to carry forward Rebecca’s vision to inspire a diverse new code savvy generation.

Meet the Team

Board of Directors

  • Jean Weiss

    Executive Director
  • Andrea Wilson Vazquez

    Co-Founder and Director, Educator Programs
  • Lisa Schlosser

    Executive Director, Technovation[MN]
  • Paul Llamas

    Board Chair
  • David Balcom

    Board Treasurer
  • Annette Evans

    Board Member
  • Chris Alexander

    Secretary & Legal
  • Christina Llamas

    Board Member
  • Francisco Cervantes

    Board Member
  • Ellena Schoop

    Board Member

Program Directors

  • Andrea Wilson Vazquez

    Director, Educator Programs
  • Tom Cozzolino

    Educator Co-Facilitator
  • Lisa Schlosser

    Executive Director, Technovation[MN]
  • Eileen King

    Director, Northfield CoderDojo
  • Marie Gottschalk

    Director, CoderDojo & Code Clubs
  • Laurie Aaronson

    Web and Google Administrator
  • Matthew Fox

    Development and Strategy
  • Ilsa Olsen


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