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What is Rebecca CoderDojo?

Rebecca CoderDojo is a safe and fun coding club for girls, ages 8-16. We are an independent chapter of the global CoderDojo movement, which fosters creation of free coding clubs for young people led by groups of volunteers.


Code Savvy is currently running CoderDojo TC virtually on Zoom. The schedule can be found on the CoderDojo TC website. We will be updating the schedule for summer events soon.

We hope to resume in-person events in the fall and will notify everyone when these resume. To stay informed, sign up for our email notices.

What We Teach



Scratch is a fun, easy to use way to program your own stories, games and animations. It's recommended for any new coder, and for girls ages 8-10. Our friendly mentors will get you started, and if you like you can continue at home; Scratch is free and works in any browser.



AppInventor is a programming language that you can use to create apps for Android devices. Our friendly mentors will help you learn the basics of this open-source, web based language so you can design, code, and play with your own mobile apps!



Want to control things in the real world through computer programming? In this group, you'll go step-by-step wiring lights, sounds, and sensors through an Arduino board into a computer, then programming them to do cool things!



Python is a general-purpose, versatile, and popular programming language. It is concise and easy to read. It can be used for everything from web development to software development and scientific applications.



JavaScript is a language used to build in building the Internet and has been called 'the secret sauce that makes the Web awesome.' It can be used for everything from making really cool website features (like the menus that show up when you hover on this site) to animations and games.

volunteer with rebecca coderdojo

Volunteer with Rebecca CoderDojo

We need you to make Rebecca CoderDojo possible! Discovery Days Crack the Code 12-3-2016-034 We are looking for enthusiastic mentors who are excited to help girls become technology creators. Mentoring is a fun, rewarding experience, and we hope you'll join us! Fill out the volunteer form and we will contact you.

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What is Volunteering as a Mentor Like?

Frequently Asked Questions


Can my child attend Rebecca CoderDojo?

Rebecca CoderDojo students must be:

  • Between 8 and 16 years old
  • Identify as female
  • Accompanied by a parent or guardian if under 13, for the entire event
  • Registered for the event on Eventbrite

I’ve never done anything like this before / my daughter has never done anything like this before. Is Rebecca CoderDojo for me?

Absolutely! We strive to make Rebecca CoderDojo a welcoming and inspiring environment for coders at any level, including beginner. We use multiple programming environments (Scratch, AppInventor, Arduino, Python, and JavaScript) and our mentors can help you find a starter project that piques your interest and is appropriate to your age and experience.

When is the next CoderDojo?

During the school year, we hold monthly events and the dates are posted here on the website. Check out the Schedule to find the next event!

When do you release tickets?

Tickets are released two weeks before each event, on Sundays at 6pm. The link to register via Eventbrite will be available online and sent out via email. To receive event notifications, subscribe to our google group.

Is CoderDojo safe?

Yes! Protecting the safety of all our “coding ninjas” is very important to us. Mandatory background checks are performed for all volunteers prior to events.

For children under 13, we require that a parent remains on site for the duration of the event.


Who is Rebecca?

Rebecca CoderDojo is named in honor of Rebecca Schatz, founder and former executive director of Code Savvy and captures the spirit of Rebecca’s lasting inspiration to encourage all of us. Learn more about Rebecca’s life and legacy:

Why only girls?

Think of Rebecca CoderDojo kind of like girl scouts for coding – there’s not a lot of space focused on younger girls in tech, and Rebecca CoderDojo works to provide that space. Rebecca CoderDojo makes space for young girls to feel safe, encouraged, and inspired as they build our future! Learn more about encouraging young women in tech:

If you are looking for a program for a male child, we encourage you to check out other Code Savvy programs open to all genders: CoderDojo Twin Cities, Code Clubs, and Code Camps.

How can I get involved?

Rebecca CoderDojo is made possible through the generous work of our volunteers. We need mentors and coordinators to make our events run – learn more in our Volunteer section.

Do you need and/or accept donations?

Yes, we accept donations! You can make a tax-deductible donation to Rebecca CoderDojo via Code Savvy’s secure online donation form. Code Savvy is a registered 501(c)(3) Minnesota nonprofit.


Rebecca Coderdojo is held in Room T3000 at:

Girls coding at Rebecca CoderDojo

About Rebecca CoderDojo


Rebecca CoderDojo is a Code Savvy initiative in memory of Rebecca Schatz, founder and former executive director of Code Savvy, for her lasting inspiration to encourage all of us, especially kids, to explore technology and be our own innovators. We aim to sustain this inspiration by providing a learning environment for girls to explore coding and become innovators of technology.


In 2016, we held 11 events and served over 300 students, many of which were brand new to coding. At these events, we have classrooms for Scratch (easy-to-use language for making games and animations), AppInventor (for learning how to build Android mobile apps), Arduino (a fun way to learn about electricity and how to build circuits), and Python (a general purpose programming language). In addition, over 100 mentors and coordinators have graciously volunteered to mentor students and run our events!


RebeccaCoderDojo is free, thanks to the friendly and talented mentors volunteer their time and to our partners at Minneapolis Community & Technical College, Clockwork, and the Smaby Family Foundation.